BMW Group Launches Classic Car Webisode Series

May 28, 2020 2 min read
BMW Group Launches Classic Car Webisode Series

From Bimmers to Minis, the YouTube videos have it all.

The BMW faithful and even casual fans of the brand should be interested in a new, easy-to-digest web series called Inside BMW Group Classic. It touches on not only old Bimmers but also Minis and Rolls-Royces, with BMW Motorrad (the motorcycles division) in there as well. These bite-size installments are only a few minutes long, so you could easily watch one on a break from work, while waiting for an appointment, etc. The whole premise of launching these is that in the time of COVID-19 we all need extra at-home entertainment, especially when it emphasizes why you should totally buy a BMW Group classic vehicle.

All of the episodes so far take place in the legendary BMW Museum, a place where so many in non-pandemic times would make the pilgrimage to see historic models gathered in one amazing building. Instead of just walking around and pointing out cars, then talking about their history, those episodes go deeper, giving a behind-the-scenes look at how the museum runs. Plus, they’re chock-full of German humor, which we all know far outshines British or American humor in ways we don’t quite understand.

One episode focuses on the BMW 501 taxi, something we never saw in North America but it something loaded with nostalgia for Germans. Another installment focuses on the early beginnings of the BMW E30 Touring and the foundation of the museum.

There’s an episode about a 1967 Mini Monte Carlo Rally replica. As the hosts point out, the museum has over 100 Minis in the collection, a sign that the British brand will never again escape the clutches of the Germans. It’s quite the faithful recreation which celebrates the deep motorsports history of Mini.

These BMW Group Classic webisodes seem to launch once a week for now. They’re a great way to bone up on your BMW history and give you some interesting talking points to wow people once you’re allowed to attend a cocktail party again.

Photo credit: YouTube

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