Check Out Bruce Canepa’s Car Collection

May 8, 2020 1 min read
Check Out Bruce Canepa’s Car Collection

So many Porsches and other amazing rides in one spot, you just have to see this.

When you’re a successful retired race car driver and car dealer, it’s only to be expected you have one amazing garage. Bruce Canepa certainly lives up to that expectation or he might even exceed it, because once you get a load of his 100-plus cars you might be having to pick up your jaw. We have Petersen Automotive Museum to thank for the tour. The Museum has been doing an excellent job of posting videos of places you might not otherwise have been able to visit.

This tour starts off in the Canepa showroom. While there are dozens of rides parked all over, Bruce Canepa says the emphasis isn’t on the quantity of vehicles but rather the quality. All are in showroom condition, highly original, with no signs of blemishes and plenty of gleaming surfaces everywhere. A quick glance shows many Porsche 911s and others from the German automaker. However, there are plenty of BMWs, Mercedes, motorcycles, and even a Toyota FJ40 scattered about.

One thing you might not notice because you’re staring at the cars is the artwork on the walls. Pretty much all are motorsports-related, like photographs of just about every kind of race you can imagine. Others are bright paintings of famous race cars, like the Porsche 917K which was the Daytona winner in 1970, a car that’s also on the showroom floor. So, the showroom is just as much a gallery as it is a place to display beautiful cars.

This is really a tour you have to watch to appreciate. There’s something for just about everyone, whether you’re a fan of stock car racing like NASCAR, open-wheel, sprint cars, Bonneville racers, IndyCar, Top Fuel dragsters, GT racing, etc. You’ll be hitting pause constantly, too, because Canepa just walks on by so many amazing cars since there are simply too many to show in just this one video.

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