Charlotte Police Chase Dodge Charger Into Lake

Aug 17, 2021 2 min read
Charlotte Police Chase Dodge Charger Into Lake

Of course it was a Charger…

According to a local report, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chased a suspect driving a Dodge Charger all the way into Lake Wylie. It appears the suspect didn’t realize the private road he turned on during the pursuit ended at the lake, so he drove right into the water before finally surrendering. Thankfully, it sounds like the chase didn’t result in anyone being hurt.

These chases don’t always end with the suspect caught, like one you can see here.

The police chase began in Charlotte, North Carolina when police identified the Dodge Charger, which they say was used in a previous crime. Exactly what it was used to do wasn’t clear, and it also wasn’t disclosed if the Dodge was stolen or not. They tried stopping the Mopar and that’s when the driver decided to not comply.

During the chase the Dodge crossed the state line into South Carolina. The report didn’t state how fast the Charger was going or why police weren’t able to stop the pursuit sooner.

By the time police pulled up and drew their guns, Kendell Xzavier Jackson was out of the Charger and had his hands up. It took the local sheriff’s dive team to recover 419 grams of marijuana and a handgun which were ditched in the lake. Jackson is facing charges for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, failure to stop for a blue light, no driver’s license, open container in a vehicle, and fugitive from justice, per the local report.

We’ve seen quite a few Mopar muscle cars get stolen and used in dramatic, high-speed police chases. This isn’t the first time such a pursuit has ended with the suspects wrecking out as they encounter a dead end they didn’t expect. At least this guy didn’t get away. Hopefully he isn’t just released back onto the streets to steal cars and commit other crimes, knowing he’ll just get a slap on the wrist.

Source: WSOC-TV 9

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