Car Lover Reunited With Stolen Classic After 28 Years

Nov 4, 2020 2 min read
Car Lover Reunited With Stolen Classic After 28 Years

Carol never gave up hope of seeing her pink '73 Holden Torana again. Now's she's been reunited with her automotive soul mate.

If you've ever had a car stolen, it's one of the worst feelings imaginable. It's especially awful if it's a car you loved dearly and put a lot of work into.

When you modify your car, you personalize it to suit your tastes. That makes it so much worse when your pride and joy is taken from you.

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Unfortunately, that's just what happened to Carol, the owner of a 1973 Holden Torana. Carol had painted her Torana pink, dubbed it "Sexy Lexy," and competed in road rallies around Australia, according to

Unfortunately, the car was stolen in 1992. She never thought she'd see her beloved Torana again. Now, 28 years later, she's been reunited with Sexy Lexy after some incredible work by the Victoria Police's vehicle crime squad.

Carol's Torana had been stolen by a crime syndicate that specialized in stealing Australian enthusiast cars, dressing them us as high performance models, and selling them off as the real deal.

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At some point between 2008 and 2011, an unsuspecting enthusiast bought the stolen Torana from the crime syndicate. Now that the car has been returned to its rightful owner, the guilty party was ordered to pay that buyer $560,000 AUD in restitution.

Carol is overjoyed to have Sexy Lexy back in her garage. Apparently, the Victoria Police have some car enthusiasts on the squad that are equally happy to see Carol and her pink Torana back together.

We hope that Carol and Sexy Lexy have plenty of years of enjoyment together. After all, they have a lot of lost time to make up for.

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