C7 Corvette Clocked Going 150 MPH In New Hampshire

Jun 9, 2021 2 min read
C7 Corvette Clocked Going 150 MPH In New Hampshire

If you got it, flaunt it?

Back on the night of May 27, a New Hampshire State Police sergeant clocked a C7 Corvette Stingray going 150 mph on Route 16 in Rochester. We’ve seen quite a few stories like this out of the United States and Canada lately, mostly involving either a Mopar/Ford muscle car or a Corvette. Why is up to speculation, but for whatever set of reasons a lot more people seem to think going well above 100 mph on the highway is a good idea.

Not to be outdone, a Hellcat led police on a 175 mph chase. Learn more here.

We only have a photo posted by the police from the cruiser of the C7 Corvette, but it appears to be silver with the Z51 package. The rear wing looks to be aftermarket, and since the guy wants to go so fast on public roads, it might be necessary.

According to the New Hampshire State Police Facebook page, the sergeant who pulled this C7 Corvette driver over cited him for Operating After Suspension and Reckless Operation. Oh, and the Chevy driver was also arrested and his beloved sports car was impounded.

While we don’t know, it’s fair to guess the driver had his license suspended because he had picked up too many citations for speeding and maybe driving recklessly. Instead of learning his lesson, the guy continued to drive like a maniac and the problem has snowballed as a result.

Since this incident took place over Memorial Day weekend, we’re guessing the highway wasn’t exactly barren. In other words, this guy put others in danger as he decided to drive like he was on the autobahn. While we’re certainly not prudes, we don’t condone putting innocent people, including families who might have been on the way to a fun outing, in danger just for a few thrills. In other words, this guy got what he deserved. Stay safe, everyone!

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