This car is the punchline to a really odd car joke.

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic muscle cars in American history, so iconic in fact it created a new genre of automobiles, called the pony car. For a few years it reigned undefeated with no competitor inside even slightly capable of taking it down. Then came the Chevrolet Camaro, a tiny beast with a massive V-8 engine under the hood making way more horsepower, way more torque, and looking quite sharp indeed. These two cars were in constant competition with each other, understandably so as one was made to support the other. However, this car was seemingly created to bridge the divide between Chevy and Ford vans across the globe.

What you’re looking at is a mustang from 2008 which has been retrofitted with the front end from a Camaro that looks to be in the 2015 and up range. You might wonder why exactly somebody might put together such a car, trust us you’re not alone there. However, it’s nice to think about how the owner may have intended this to come across as a beautiful child of competition which takes the best parts of two completely different opposing American muscle cars and puts it all together.

Alternatively, it might’ve just been some dumb teenager looking for a funny project, and funny it is. As you might expect, the factory Chevy front bumper and headlights weren’t exactly made to fit the Ford Mustang which is why the parts appear to be either custom-made, modified, or aftermarket. What are the more impressive parts of this, and one that will surely be overlooked by everybody focusing on the exterior is the interior, which was swapped out completely for that of a Chevrolet Camaro. Say what you will about this car, but it’s pretty clear that a lot of work went into the building of such a mash up which is why the car recently sold at auction.

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