Horror: C6 Corvette Falls Off Lift

Sep 13, 2021 2 min read
Horror: C6 Corvette Falls Off Lift

Is this the new thing with ‘Vettes these days?

Ford Mustangs crash into power poles. Dodge muscle cars get stolen and run from the cops. And Chevy Corvettes seemingly don’t balance on car lifts. We’ve seen that last one before, only it was with a mid-engine C8, so people explained that horrendous accident away by saying the tech didn’t use the correct position for the lift, creating an imbalance. This time around it was with a front-engine C6 Corvette, but the results are every bit as horrific.

Check out the damage from a C8 Corvette falling off a lift here.

Actually, this one might be worse than the C8 which tipped backwards, cracking multiple body panels and doing untold damage to the chassis. With this C6, the car tilts back, the front end rearing up as if it were some wild stallion, then the Chevy slips off the lift and comes crashing down, the front fascia catching on the lift, which tears it clean off the car in brutal fashion.

The employee standing by the lift thankfully jumps out of the way as the car crashes to the shop floor. Since the wheels have been removed, it’s the chassis which takes most if not all of the impact. The likelihood of some serious damage is high.

Perhaps the cause of the imbalance in this C6 Corvette is the removal of the engine. As the car topples backward off the lift, you can see the engine compartment is empty. Someone probably didn’t think about how much that changes the balance of any car, positioning the lift as if the engine were still present.

Unfortunately, no information about where this horrific accident happened has been provided. The video is everywhere and we’re sure the shop doesn’t want its reputation damaged, which is understandable. We’re also sure the owner of the C6 Corvette was none too happy, but hopefully everything has been made right.

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