Another Mustang, Another Power Pole

Jun 17, 2021 2 min read
Another Mustang, Another Power Pole

This is becoming a trend…

Hot on the heels of covering two street racing Mustangs resulting in one crashing into a power pole in Indianapolis, we have another video of a Mustang driver hot dogging it, only to plant the front end of his pony car into a power pole. Dangerous Mustangs are definitely back with a vengeance and they might be ensuring you don’t have air conditioning during the summer heat.

Compare this to a similar incident here.

We have no idea where this video was taken, but if we had to guess we’d say it was somewhere in Tennessee. A Mustang is ripping a nice rolling burnout on a public road, something we absolutely don’t suggest, when he loses control of the muscle car, swerves left, overcorrects, and veers right into the power pole. The onlookers shout in dismay as the pony’s hood crumples and the sound of crinkled plastic and metal resonates.

image credit: Facebook

Unlike in the Indianapolis incident, no sparks shoot from the power lines up top and the pole only leans a little. The fact this guy wasn’t going very fast while roasting his rear tires is probably why the damage to the local grid wasn’t as severe, although his car doesn’t look so good.

This guy’s buddies or whatever they are don’t seem too concerned about the driver or the car. Instead of rushing over, they stay where they are and say things like, “That happened,” and, “Please tell me you got that on video.” Then they uploaded the video to Facebook for all to see and mock the driver’s stupidity.

image credit: Facebook

As for this disturbing trend of Ford Mustangs hitting power poles, there are two competing theories we’re kicking around. One is this is some desperate attempt by enthusiasts to discourage people from buying the all-electric Mustang Mach-E. The other possibility is that Mustangs are magnetically attracted to wood power poles. Either way, this is just painful to watch.

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