Bentley Bacalar Is Completely Roofless

Sep 14, 2021 2 min read
Bentley Bacalar Is Completely Roofless

There’s absolutely no top to put up on this thing…

Going completely roofless for a car is something virtually unheard of. Most people want a folding soft top, if not a removable fiberglass top or even a soft top which snaps or straps into place. But Bentley thinks customers will leap at the chance to pay $2 million to own the Bentley Bacalar, a coachbuilt masterpiece with no top at all.

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That’s right, the bespoke Bentley Bacalar will set buyers back about $2 million, depending on all the options they select, making the limited-edition model “the rarest two-door Bentley of the modern era” according to the automaker. It also marks Bentley’s return to its roots of coachbuilding through its Mulliner line.

A mere 12 Bacalars will be built, so only the most elite could ever buy one. Such rare cars often come with interesting idiosyncrasies, so offering one without the option of having a roof really doesn’t seem all that strange when you really think about it. Sure, for someone who lives in Seattle that could be a deal breaker, but a collector in Dubai or Southern California might not think it’s that big of a deal.

Adding to the exclusive feel of each Bacalar is the fact the cars will be hand-assembled by craftsmen in England. The Bentley Mulliner workshop in Crewe will customize each one with bespoke feature selected by each customer.

In a gushing press release, Bentley draws a parallel between the Bacalar and the company’s storied roots. Bentley originally began in the 1500s when it crafted luxurious horse-drawn carriages for Europe’s elite. In a way, you could say history repeats itself or that the more things change the more they stay the same.

According to Bentley, not having to worry about where a folding soft or hard top would be stowed freed designers up to focus more on the beauty of the topless car. Before you worry the British automaker will have trouble selling all 12 examples, just know they’re already spoken for, proving there is at least that much demand for such a vehicle.

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