1969 Ford FastBack XL Boast Big Power From A Massive Engine

Sep 14, 2021 1 min read
1969 Ford FastBack XL Boast Big Power From A Massive Engine

A massive 545 cubic inch engine moves this classic Ford.

The image of the perfect big-block V8 is just about as American of an idea as one can get especially when looking back at the muscle car era. Automotive history is littered with stories of the legendary 426 ci Hemi, 440 ci big-block, and various 427 ci GM powerhouses. However, none of those insane motors could compare to the sheer magnitude of this fire-breathing Ford. Don't get us wrong, seven liters and up surely is a massive motor, but on the other hand upwards of nine liters is ridiculous. That is precisely where this car comes into play as it sports a 545 ci Ford Racing Stroker engine which produces some ridiculous power stats and allows for some insane burnouts.

Raw is the only word that can be used to describe this beast as the motor is pushing 700 horsepower whilst staying completely naturally aspirated. Nowadays it can feel a lot like the days of massive powerhouses are over. However, this car proves that sentiment wrong as it shoots down the road like a bright blue rocket ship. Upon pushing the throttle the car shakes and twists in awe of its power. This turns heads in a big way burning rubber and spitting hot fumes out the exhaust pipes in its wake.

The car itself is a 1969 Ford XL Fastback which boasts a beautiful blue exterior coating glowing in the sun like a diamond on a dark asphalt road. A black leather interior appears to accompany the car which is quite popular among the muscle car restoration and modification community which has all but taken over the American automotive industry. This is certainly one of the coolest Ford Fastbacks for not only its engine but also the unique nature of this build and being a lesser-known legend. We hope to see more builds like this in the future.

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