Beautiful Resto-modded Chevelle Shows Off Incredible Attention To Detail

May 7, 2024 1 min read
Beautiful Resto-modded Chevelle Shows Off Incredible Attention To Detail

And it has LS2 power as a bonus!

1966 was one of America’s favorite production years for the, now famous, Chevrolet Chevelle which has virtually dominated the classic muscle car scene for years. Car enthusiasts young and old can agree that the Chevelle is an incredible car. However, the 1966 model is a particularly special body style as it combined the long hood and straighter design of the early ‘60s and the coke bottle shape of the first muscle car revolution. Without hesitation, these cars took the hearts and minds of car guys all around the nation. This has, in recent years, translated to many builders using these cars for restoration and restomod projects.

This build is no exemption to that new trend. While other Chevelles might still be packing the factory motor, upgraded to meet modern standards. This car utilizes the new tech provided by the last 20 years of GM innovation. Under the hood is the Chevy LS2 V8 engine which puts out very healthy horsepower numbers. That power is pushed through a 4L65E automatic transmission which allows for a well-rounded driving experience. While the car may not have been built for pure speed alone, it does not disappoint in any area.

Spinning the tires is an absolute must with this beast. However, style and luxury are still extremely important as the interior shows beautifully. First of all, we have a full set of custom leather seats that match the leather and suede door panels exactly. The push to start button is a beautiful touch and the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your music directly to the car's speaker system. The insane attention to detail and high-performance mechanical modifications combine to make a daily driver that also provides the wonderful driving experience of a true muscle car without any of the hassles. Overall, it's a pretty sick car.

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