This rare and collectible 330 GT V12 is not your average barn find!

With the rise of the internet and the popularity of barn finds growing, better and cooler cars are being found every day. From classic muscle to old school JDM, barn finds have produced some of the rarest and most valuable vehicles of the past to the public eye. Most finds are decrepit and falling apart, however, this is a sight to behold. Although the new owner says that the car must be completely restored the car, when finished, will be beautiful and very valuable.

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This is the first production car produced in the 1967 production year, it is also the first series 2 330 GT 2+2 to ever be built. The car is one of a kind, out of 1,099 Ferrari GT’s that were produced, this is one of the only 36 that were made in right-hand drive. After having been imported into Australia in 1974, the car was never driven or registered after that and retains its low mileage. Low mileage allows for an easier restoration as there will be less destruction of the engine which allows this 300-horsepower V12 to stay original. All original paperwork is provided including the chassis number, import papers, and a full detailed list of all of the car's original parts.

On the inside of the car, it is all original, it comes with the stock gear knob, stock 8-track player, stock timber paneling for the instrument cluster, and stock white and red leather seats. The car hasn't been washed or refurbished in close to 46 years, every crevice is filled with dust and debris but everything seems to be in pretty good shape considering the age. In the trunk, you’ll find the original tool bag, hammer, and jack used for exchanging flat tires and any other mishaps one might have with a car this old.

0-60mph was achieved in only 7.8 seconds due to its 300 horsepower V12 and only 3000lbs of weight. That engine is mated to a manual transmission that allows the driver to control the car more effectively. Under the hood, the engine heads have been spray-painted silver rather than the original black. The dealer also found a set of original wire wheels with stock tires that came with the car. Classic Ferraris are some of the rarest and most valuable automobiles one could find on the used market today and this is an extraordinary example of that.

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