Mustang Is Morphing Into Something Else...

Oct 28, 2022 1 min read
Mustang Is Morphing Into Something Else...

What is it?

For decades, one of America’s most attractive muscle cars has been the Ford mustang. Originally designed in 1964, the incredible automobiles stunned the world with their style which combined the rugged American muscle car look with a bit of a European twist to combat it’s foreign opponents. Essentially the goal was to stuff as big an engine as possible into the smallest frame and body that you could find in the result or something astonishing to say the least. Of course, this eventually led enthusiast builders to make their own additions to Ford’s original design and this guy shows us exactly why.

Starting off with a pretty sharp looking 1967 Ford Mustang, the owner of this car clearly has big plans for his beloved muscle car. That’s because, if you know about B Is For Build, then you’ll know that this is not an original Ford. Rather it is a Bugatti straight off the set of Fast And Furious which was converted into a 1967 Mustang. After that, the team was ready to wrap this build up and call it a day on the project. However, one designer really inspired the team to get back to it and make some more body modifications.

This recreation had a heavy focus on extremely wide fenders, vents plastered everywhere, and aerodynamics to match. Basically, this car will soon be the dream of every F&F fan across the nation. You might be wondering why the whole process seems a bit spontaneous, due to the seemingly constant changing of plans. Simply put, SEMA is coming up and as of filming the team only had about 12 days to turn this car into a show stopper. Until then, it is a question of if they’ll be able to finish in time but if they do it’ll be one of the best classics there.

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