1957 Chevrolet Step Van Carries Interesting Backstory

Jul 15, 2021 1 min read
1957 Chevrolet Step Van Carries Interesting Backstory

Jay Leno’s Garage features all kinds of vehicles, and they usually have a pretty interesting backstory. This particular vehicle was scouted on the street for the show, and it’s a 1957 Chevrolet Step Van. While a classic van isn’t an ordinary sight for a web series spotlight, owner Diosely Pino made it a very special vehicle.

Pino came to the United States from Cuba five years ago and took a Greyhound bus to Los Angeles. Once he reached L.A., he set up a restoration shop and this classic Chevy van is now the shop vehicle.

Diosely Pino learned to work on cars while in Cuba. He fixed up old cars and brought that experience to America, and even to his own van. This classic Chevy needs rust restoration and new paint and earned fake policia livery along the way to make it look like a Cuban police car. Along with the fake police paint, he also gave the van a police light and siren, and a 1959 Chevy Apache front emblem.

An inline-6 and 4-speed manual transmission keep the big van rolling, and the back is set up to keep his tools organized for work, and to transport parts and other things he needs. Pino is currently running a one-man operation and seems to stay pretty busy with his very unique van.

So what does Jay Leno think of this interesting vehicle? Find out below:

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