Another Car Thief Falls Victim To Range Anxiety

May 17, 2024 2 min read
Another Car Thief Falls Victim To Range Anxiety

How completely embarrassing…

Yet another alleged Ford Mustang thief has fallen victim to range anxiety or rather the reality of running out of gas in the middle of a police chase. In hilarious footage caught by a news chopper, a guy who was speeding away from California Highway Patrol on the 210 Freeway in San Bernadino slowed to a crawl, jumped out of the car, and started pushing it down the shoulder.

They say criminals aren’t the sharpest sticks in the bundle and this really backs up that assertion. Why he thought pushing the Mustang was going to help him get away isn’t clear. The guy was likely panicking as the Mustang’s engine cut out. Perhaps he was thinking of pushing starting it, something which doesn’t work when the tank is bone dry, but we’ll probably never know what was going through his mind.

Even worse was the commentary from KCAL News with one person saying “you steal a car and you don’t know how much gas is in it.” You do once you get in the thing, thanks to this nifty invention called a gas gauge. Another remarked that the suspect was so close to the county line, as if getting over that would’ve been like reaching “home” in a game of tag. Sorry, this isn’t an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard.

There’s something about thieves stealing Mustangs and running the tank dry and we’re not sure what the connection is. Last year, we covered two incidents of thieves stealing Shelby GT500s and running out of gas on a bridge, which was an even weirder coincidence – or was it? Surely someone can cook up a conspiracy theory for entertainment purposes.

Although, to be fair, we’ve also covered a guy successfully outrunning police in a Dodge Hellcat, only for the muscle car to run out of gas. That suspect was caught on foot after his ride pooped out. Maybe Toyota was onto something with that really weird commercial where the bank robbers run from the cops in a Prius? Fuel efficiency is more critical than raw speed in a chase? Probably not, but it still makes us wonder.

Check out the end of the chase in the video.

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