Get killer performance with a bowtie…

GM fans know if they want performance that pushes way past what they get from the factory, Specialty Vehicle Engineering is a good place to check. The 2023 SVE Yenko/SC Camaro is the latest example, providing a level of performance which at least on paper blows away the new Dodge Demon 170.

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SVE makes the 20203 Yenko/SC Camaro in two varieties: Stage I and Stage II. Both come with a blueprinted LT-1 V8 which has been pretty much gutted and outfitted with an impressive list of internals: computer-balanced race-quality rotating assembly, including forged 4340 steel crankshaft and H-beam steel rods, and forged aluminum pistons. Add to that CNC ported high-flow LT-4 cylinder heads and a nice forced feeding through a custom supercharger with a dedicated belt drive system along with an upgraded fuel delivery system to keep up with that huge influx of oxygen, and you have something quite potent.

Total displacement for the engine is rated at 6.8 liters, up from the factory’s 6.2 liters. According to SVE, peak output is 1100-hp for Stage I and 1150-hp for Stage II.

Of course, all the power in the world doesn’t do any good if you can’t hook up and go, which is where the performance suspension, Magnetic Ride Control, and electronic limited-slip diff shine. Plus, the 1LE front splitter isn’t there just to look aggressive, it’s also functional.

Now there’s a catch with this cars beyond the fact they’re expensive, which considering dealers are gouging like crazy for the Demon 170 that’s not a huge hit against it. SVE says it’s only making 50 each of the Stage 1 and Stage II Camaros for 2023. Like a lot of fine things, these are only coming in a small batch so you need to act fast to grab one before they’re all gone. No doubt the secondary market on these cars is going to involve dramatically inflated prices, but we guess if spanking Demons with a Chevy is what you really want and you have that kind of cash, maybe you’ll be fine with grabbing one later.

Images via Specialty Vehicle Engineering

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