1978 Mercedes SLC 450 Gets A Thorough Detailing

Apr 25, 2023 2 min read
1978 Mercedes SLC 450 Gets A Thorough Detailing

It hasn’t been washed in 16 years!

One of the basic things you should do before trying to sell a car is give it a good detailing. You don’t have to hire a professional for the job, although that does make a huge difference and is a great idea if you’re trying to sell something expensive. But we can’t believe how many people and even some dealerships try selling a filthy car.

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Watching the transformation of this 1978 Mercedes SLC 450 as it goes from awful to gleaming is a great example of the power of a good detailing. Found by AMMO NYC after it and another car sat in a parking garage for 16 years, the thing has accumulated plenty of dirt and grime. The plan is to clean it up and flip it.

Some might not consider an SLC 450 as so desirable because it’s a 2+2 and so has a longer wheelbase and is a little heavier than its two-seater equivalent. However, time has been pretty kind to these cars and interest in them has been on the rise, so cleaning this one up to make an excellent presentation is completely worth the effort.

AMMO NYC bought this car for a mere $5,000 clearly showing it’s not an expensive vehicle by any stretch. And while it’s not the fastest or sexiest thing, it would make a good first classic for someone wanting to get into the hobby, if they’re into Mercedes and such. This just goes to show that you don’t have to be rich to be a gearhead, you just have to go for options not everyone else is piling onto.

While these guys are professionals and have an array of tools and experience you likely lack, this video does show how you can take a grimy car and make it look fantastic with some work.

Images via YouTube

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