1974 Duster Equipped With Insane NASCAR Powertrain

Mar 19, 2021 1 min read
1974 Duster Equipped With Insane NASCAR Powertrain

What would you do with a free NASCAR Cup Motor?

Car enthusiasts have a problem, like a serious mental issue that leaves us yawning at the idea of compiling a budget and being practical and favoring danger and excitement over anything else. We are the special few, who would take something that most people would already consider to be “too powerful” and add more more more! Many of us dream of modifying our cars to the point of being able to destroy even modern-day race cars in competition and some have done it. Of course, the best way to progress is to stand on the shoulders of giants and take a leap of faith toward our goal. That is exactly what happened with our subject of this article Taylor Hull, or more importantly his car.

Watch a Duster showdown with a ZL1 Camaro here.

The vehicle question is a 1974 Plymouth duster equipped with a 1970 Duster grill effectively named “Stonewall.” One extremely unique feature of this American muscle car is the suspension. In the front, we have an S14n subframe and an S14 independent rear subframe and coil overs on all four corners to ensure maximum handling effectiveness. Under the hood is an actual NASCAR engine, taken from a decommission CUP car whose owners had recently lost their contract due to covid.

At 800 horsepower and 9,000rpm, this car screams down the dirt roads like a bat out of hell. Though it's hard to handle, as are most high-power muscle cars, it makes up for that in fun. The face of passengers who don't know what's coming is priceless, with the car making a name for itself as the quote, “that loud scary car” it has become quite the local legend in its neck of the woods. Classic Mopar is cool, but a classic Mopar with modern-day NASCAR performance is something entirely different. This is one of the coolest muscle cars ever built and will continue to amaze thousands in the years to come.

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