1963 Chevy Impala Ragtop Has Slammed Charm

Aug 12, 2021 2 min read
1963 Chevy Impala Ragtop Has Slammed Charm

This high performance Lowrider has some serious hydraulic power.

The lowrider movement has deep roots within California car culture. What was once a socio-political statement on the mistreatment and belittling of the Latino community in the Los Angeles area quickly became a nationwide phenomenon. Whether it's a low and slow cruise down an inner-city road or the daring jumps and stunts found in the L.A. lowrider shows. After decades of these fantastic custom muscle cars modified to fit the creative lifestyle that they were intended to project, they now sit atop the hierarchy as one of the coolest styles in the automotive world. This is one such example of these instantly recognizable automobiles.

Coating the exterior of this beautiful 1963 Chevy Impala Ragtop is a baby blue paint job with custom gold accents. Unlike most handcrafted accents, which are usually plated with gold, the finish touches on this fine automobile are solid 24 karat gold. However, while the gold trim is incredibly impressive, the craziest use of gold in this project is probably the solid gold coil springs. It's a wild scene to watch this straight body lowrider bouncing up and down turning heads and catching the gazes of hundreds of stunned onlookers. In true lowrider fashion, this car is an attention-getter.

While most lowriders focus on being slower than stock, due to the insistence on messing with racers at the time of the conception of the movement, the builder decided to make the car fun in all aspects. This included adding one of America’s most iconic power plants, the LS1. That powerhouse spins the 13-inch wheels so fast you won't see the car coming but you’ll want to watch it walk away. The hydraulics setup is on point with an impressive control center in the trunk which allows the car to stand up on three tires and for the front to go fully airborne. The term “smiles per gallon” has never found a better home than this car and we hope to follow this car’s journey as the builder continues to improve his beloved piece of art.

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