Tupac Made This 1961 Impala Lowrider Is Famous

Aug 14, 2021 2 min read
Tupac Made This 1961 Impala Lowrider Is Famous

You might’ve seen it and don’t remember now.

While it can be interesting and telling to see what famous people drive, we think it’s even more interesting to see famous cars up close. That’s what the video included with this article is all about. Shawn from AutotopiaLA caught up with the owner of this 1961 Chevrolet Impala Convertible lowrider. You might be thinking it looks familiar but can’t quite place it, but you’d be correct.

See what a few famous musicians drive here.

This Impala had a starring role in the Tupac music video To Live and Die in LA. If you didn’t know that don’t feel bad because not all of us did, but enough people watched the music video back in the day and you have to admit this lowrider is pretty unique.

image credit: YouTube

A lot of work has been done to this car. Lloyd had to go through the entire suspension, he’s added 13-inch gold Dayton wheels, hydraulics, 8 batteries, matching yellow soft top, and more. It’s obvious Lloyd has a real love for his lowrider.

While Lloyd has done a lot of upgrades to this car, including swapping out the transmission since the one that was in it was frozen when he bought it, the factory-original engine still powers it. Chrome valve covers, air cleaner, etc. dress up tunder the hood, but the fact it’s the OE engine is pretty cool.

Anyway, a guy named Lloyd bought the car and had a vision of creating one awesome lowrider, so you get to hear his story of how that happened. After starring in the music video, this Impala changed hands a few times. Lloyd bought it in January of 2020, so right before everything went crazy with the novel coronavirus shutdowns. With extra time on his hands, the guy decided to do what a lot of gearheads who’ve been stuck at home have been doing, he worked on his project car.

Learn more about this car and see it in action in the video.

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