For many, the 1950s was one of the greatest decades for cars and enthusiasts alike.

Economic growth over the 1950s led to massive expansions in all industries but most of all in the automotive manufacturing industry. Automakers began producing cars that were larger and had much higher performance than previous years. Cars such as the Bel Air quickly became popular and are still recognized as some of the coolest cars today. While seeing a well built Tri-Five at a car show will always be a welcomed sight, there were many other cars from the era that are much rarer which, as we all know, sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.  

This 1956 Pontiac Star Chief is a sight to behold, under the hood of this classic beast is an LSX crate engine with LS3 heads and a Whipple supercharger. That insane engine is mated to a 4L80 transmission which helps to transfer the +900 horsepower to the one-off EVOD wheels. As has become custom in recent years for big classic cars, this thing is sitting on air suspension giving it a sleek and dominating presence when lowered to the ground. The suspension has three settings: 1 maximum low, 2 low but drivable, 3 lifts the nose up to allow for steep driveways and loading or unloading the car on to or from a trailer.

Another amazing aspect of this car is the custom brown leather interior, this is contrasted by the blue carpet which gives this car an extremely cool look. The steering wheel was moved back and given a tilt function. Apart from being a cool SEMA build this car was designed to drive. While driving around burning tires and setting off car alarms, Sean from AutotopiaLA can't help but smile and we feel the same way just watching. The car has already been sold and was being delivered to its new owner at the time of this article being written but it is very likely that we will be seeing a lot more of this car as it makes its rounds through the car shows.

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