Griffin Steinfeld's 2000-HP Chevy Apache Is The Baddest Truck Around

Aug 19, 2022 2 min read
Griffin Steinfeld's 2000-HP Chevy Apache Is The Baddest Truck Around

This old school muscle truck is a beautiful monster!

On what might be our favorite episode of AutotopiaLA yet, a familiar face and build were featured: Griffin Steinfeld and his killer 1956 twin-turbo LS Chevy Apache. This truck was noted by the web series' host as being the fastest vehicle they've ever featured, and that's a claim we find easy to believe. Hold onto your high-quality custom seat covers, this is a rocking truck!

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You might be familiar with the truck's owner, as Steinfeld has spent a lot of time behind the wheel. We dug up a video posted on YouTube of the driver on the NASCAR Circuit when he was just 17-years-old and Westlake High School senior.

He would go on to race in the K&N Pro Series West for three seasons, and dedicates most of his time since to building bad-to-the-bone machines for his own garage. As you can see in the stunt driving reel on his YouTube page, he's put in as much time honing his skills as he has turning wrenches, and it shows.

And yes, Griffin is the proud older brother of the Bumblebee star and pop superstar, Hailee Steinfeld. We don't know what's in the water at the Steinfeld house, but this is one mega-talented family!

The current star of the show would have to be the 2000-horsepower Apache that seems to put a little fear into Shawn Davis from AutotopiaLA when they go for a spin. If you don't want to take Davis' vouching for the prowess of the truck, the fact that they have to communicate using aircraft headphones should be a tip-off.

A lot of what went into this build involved Griffin getting his hands dirty, which is always reflective when a vehicle's owner is so knowledgeable about their ride, to the point where they know the limitations and can tell you every last specification of the build.

Along with twin-turbos, the LS2 engine is built to the nines, as is the rest of the truck. At 20 psi, the striking blue Apache is pumping out 1400-horsepower, and at 40 psi, a jaw-dropping 2,000-horsepower. The best part is, it's all happening on radials.

"Slicks are for slow cars," Griffin told us in a recent chat about the truck.

All the effort put into the Chevy add up to a zero to sixty that falls under one second (estimated 0.8-seconds), and a truck that's not just confined to track - this beast is perfectly streetable! Get the full rundown here:

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