1956 Plymouth Belvedere Wrecked In Hit And Run

May 7, 2021 1 min read
1956 Plymouth Belvedere Wrecked In Hit And Run

The owner is looking for answers…

Ralph Arabian was traveling south on Interstate 495 in Lawrence, Massachusetts on Sunday, April 25 in his 1956 Plymouth Belvedere when another driver hit his classic car, then took off. The 82-year-old retired mechanical engineer from Andover suffered injuries to his hand and shoulder in the crash. Now he wants the other driver tracked down and brought to justice.

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According to Arabian, he was driving in the right lane at about 55 mph. That’s when a car started passing him in the next lane over, then sideswiped his Plymouth Belvedere, catching the front fender and bumper. The classic car spun out from the impact, hitting the guardrail.

Now, not only does Arabian need to heal the wounds to his hand and shoulder, his beloved ’56 Belvedere has heavy front-end and driver’s side damage. It could’ve been far worse, both for the car and driver had they gone through the guardrail, but thankfully they didn’t.

Two good Samaritans in a Budd Van Lines box truck pulled up right behind the Plymouth after it came to a rest in the middle lane of the highway. Had it not been for the stopped truck, Arabian might have been in another accident.

Of course, the driver who hit him just kept driving. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any information at the moment on the other car. Dashcam footage from the Budd Van Lines truck doesn’t show the other vehicle, just the Plymouth Belvedere. State police say nobody has stepped forward with any information.

Arabian says the highway was busy, so plenty of people saw the crash. However, The Eagle-Tribune say a reader contacted them and claimed to have been a few cars behind the accident. That person recalled seeing a Cadillac XT5 cut in front of the Plymouth Belvedere, then pull off in the breakdown lane before taking off.

Source: The Eagle-Tribune

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