Old School Mazda R100 JDM Mazda Revs To The Moon

Jan 8, 2021 1 min read
Old School Mazda R100 JDM Mazda Revs To The Moon

Larry Chen and Hoonigan Autofocus give us a look at this crazy build!

We all know the classic JDM legends such as the RX-7, the GT-R, and of course the Supra. However a long-forgotten piece of these cars is their heritage, these tiny sleek cars came from the boxy and thick automobiles of yesteryear. While it does sport the ever infamous 13b Mazda rotary engine this car is a special breed of cars, not so popular in the US.

This R100 may look like nothing more than an old economy car from the ’70s but rest assured this car is the devil in disguise. Revving at over 11,000rpm this amazing little car is pushing out close to 240hp at only just 1,900lbs allowing this automobile to absolute flies. Born from the idea of a small under-powered economy car this thing has become a monster on the road. With that beautiful 13B pushing this car to its limits is there no one who can compete?

Unfortunately, there isn't a very large community surrounding old rotary JDMs like this R100 and 500hp RX-3 that is also sitting in that same lot. If you even look up “R100” on google you’ll be directed to a very odd Japanese film and not the actual car. Hopefully, cars like this can shed some more light on this estranged branch of the automotive community. Rotaries are particularly fascinating as well, with not much actual benefit most people just like them for their sound. The owner of this shop says that he enjoys rotaries due to the unique nature of the engine and the different features that come with that.

Despite the infamous unreliability and difficulty associated with the rotary/Wankel he even goes as far as to say that they are “Pretty easy to work on,” an absurd claim to say the least. When all is said and done this R100 is a fascinating JDM legend that can kick some real butt both on the track and the street.

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