Upstage Cruella De Vil In This Tiffany Classic Coupe

Jun 10, 2019 1 min read
Upstage Cruella De Vil In This Tiffany Classic Coupe

Built to blend modern convenience with classic looks, this Tiffany is a curious proposition

Disney is in the process of bringing their classic animated movies back to life, transforming cartoons into live-action. If the 1961 icon that is 101 Dalmatians gets another modern-day treatment, we’d strongly recommend this Tiffany Classic Coupe – heading under the hammer with GAA Auctions – as the vehicle of choice for the ever-so-evil Cruella De Vil.

This imposing automobile is a Tiffany Classic Coupe, a modern vehicle that was extensively modified to echo vintage motor cars. Its long hood, flowing fenders, and lengthy wheelbase are all traits of affluent classics seen in the 1930s. It even features mounted spare wheels and rounded headlights to complete a look that is totally unrecognisable from its donor car. Can you guess what it was?

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Tiffany aimed to make its cars reasonably affordable in comparison to the classics that inspired them, and so the Classic Coupe was based upon a Mercury Cougar. This is most evident from its modern interior that offers many more luxuries than you’d expect in a car that looks like this.

Traditional red upholstery cocoons occupants who can also take advantage of power windows and a cassette player. Another feature that seems far removed from classically styled vehicles are the totally digital instruments.

Under the hood is Ford’s 5.0-liter V8 motor from the Cougar, giving owners peace of mind when it comes to parts supply and better reliability. Zimmer owners can also enjoy the added practicality of local Ford dealers being able to carry out servicing and maintenance work — a huge bonus. By that same sentiment, the cost of replacement parts is also far less than a traditional classic.

If you desire a car with vintage looks, but none of the vintage ownership headaches, this 1986 Tiffany Classic Coupe might be ideal for you. It goes under the hammer as part of the Joe Alcoke Collection on 27 July 2019.

Source: GAA Auctions

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