Who Remembers This Whalom Park 1951 Crosley Truck?

Jun 10, 2019 2 min read
Who Remembers This Whalom Park 1951 Crosley Truck?

For those who grew up in Massachusetts, this 1951 Crosley truck should bring back memories!

Those of us who are old enough to remember the Whalom Amusement Park of Massachusetts may recognize this scaled-down fire truck. Employed for 49 years to ferry visitors around until the Lake Whalom attraction closed on September 4, 2000, this 1951 Kiddie Hook and Ladder Fire Truck Amusement Ride proved hugely popular with children of all ages.

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The site upon which the park sat was redeveloped for housing back in 2006, but the truck found a home when park assets were sold on; before arsonists began torching what remained. Now, after 19 years of enthusiast ownership, the truck could be yours for $40k.

Designed with wooden benches in the rear to accommodate 25 children, and hinge-mounted ladders that swing open and close to secure passengers while in motion, this could be the perfect addition for any museum patron or fairground curator in search of a suitable tour vehicle.

In all its years, the truck has covered only 9000 miles. That didn’t stop the last vendor from cosmetically restoring the vehicle however, and it now gleams as though brand new. A further aspect that makes this Hook and Ladder truck special is the fact that its history is known.

Most surviving examples today don’t have the pedigree or background of this specimen. Knowing where this vehicle came from, and what it was used for, provides historic worth atop its novelty value. Plus, with such information, you can rest assured that this is not a replica.


One of just four of this particular model, features on this Overland-Crosley firetruck includes a brass bell, hose, and fire extinguisher embellishments. Still bearing its original park registration tags, the firetruck was noteworthy news the year of its debut. A local Massachusetts news clipping highlights the rides and its imminent arrival as part of the park's upcoming attractions.

Of course, to those in the know, Crosleys were historically significant in their own right. Built in Indiana between 1939 and 1952, the microcars became a popular and affordable form of transportation for those on a budget. Original models sold for under $375 ($4k with modern inflation) and featured a hand-cranked windshield wiper and windows that slid open for hand signalling.

1951 Crosley

Yet, what really makes this model unique isn’t just its rarity value, but that it remained loyal throughout its uninterrupted Whalom Park tenure. As a genuine piece of retro Massachusetts history, it doesn’t get more nostalgic than this.

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