See McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang In Charlotte Before Auction

Oct 10, 2019 2 min read
See McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang In Charlotte Before Auction

Before bidders get a chance at owning it, it will be at the Charlotte AutoFair.

It is one of the most well-recognized American cars, turned collector car around. Before it exchanges hands at the Mecum auction, it can be seen in North Carolina at the AutoFair in Charlotte at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The car will be accompanied by it longtime owner, Sean Kiernan.

This is no ordinary 1968 Mustang. It was made famous in the classic film Bullitt when it was driven by Steven McQueen. The Highland Green Fastback is the real deal, and is not a replica or tribute car - it’s the movie car that was driven recklessly through the hectic streets of San Francisco.

The one joining the AutoFair is one of just two that were using in the movie to fill the role of the leading cars, and it was named after the main character Lt. Frank Bullitt, the character played by Steve McQueen. It was used in many scenes in the movie, and the famous car chase that the movie is most cited for.

Mecum Reveals Bullitt Mustang Hero Car To Be Auctioned In 2020

After filming, the car was sold to a private buyers and thought to be lost until it was unveiled for the 50th Anniversary of the film last year. It is in its original condition and has several unique features to distinguish it as being the movie car.

All eyes will be on the car when it heads to Mecum, as it will likely be the most iconic car to cross the auction block in 2020. This will go down at the Kissimmee 2020 auction will take place from Thursday, January 2, 2020 through Sunday, January 12, 2020 at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Florida. Estimates for the final bid put it at $3 million to $5 million.

The car has been making the circuit of major car shows nationwide ahead of its highly anticipated stop at Mecum. Fans in the area of Charlotte can see Bullitt at the Charlotte AutoFair Oct. 17-19. For AutoFair details, visit

Source: Speedway Digest

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