Video: Mad Max Fan Recreates Original Interceptor Car

Jan 24, 2020 2 min read
Video: Mad Max Fan Recreates Original Interceptor Car

The recreation took about five years and $120,000.

Over three decades ago, Dale Walter knew he wanted to recreate the iconic Interceptor Ford Falcon from the well-known film Mad Max. After seeing the movie at the cinema at a kid, Dale told his kids that he would own a recreation of the iconic movie car one day. Fast forward thirty years, and that's just what he did.

First, the Michigan native needed to find an Australian Ford Falcon. After some searching, Dale found on in Washington, so he hopped on a plane to check it out. Even from a distance, it was obvious that this Aussie Falcon had seen much better days. With a few different colors on the body along with some primer and possible rust, the car has been rescued and is now living its best life. However, it was no easy task to get there.

"I have never paid more money in my life for a bigger piece of junk," he said after first purchasing the vehicle.

About $120,000 and about five years went into restoring this 1972 Ford Falcon, which is now a convincing recreation of the Mad Max Interceptor. Under the hood sits a Proformance-built 351 Cleveland stroked to 390, and it generates a healthy 450-horsepower. Dale's favorite part of the car is the engine, and he spent $12,000 on that alone. In fact, he thought about putting a stereo system in the car but decided against it since his favorite soundtrack is the sound of that Cleveland.

Inside the car is a Maxrob steering wheel used in the movie, and the shifter is complete with the lever to turn on and off the blower. Dale says he gets asked about the blower being real, and no, it is not. Since the car is based on the exact Interceptor car in the film which did not have a real blower, this car was given the same treatment. Even more, the car features the same RBS radio, a replica of the shotgun, a PA system, and a movie-accurate siren and horn.

Rolling down the road, the car gets plenty of attention from Mad Max fans. And of course, the car is right hand drive. The one downfall about the car is that it gets about 6 miles per gallon, so it stays thirsty. And asked if he would sell the car, Dale says it's pretty much priceless, but everything has "a price". We think it's safe to say that he won't let it go for cheap.


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