Which Of These Classic BMW M6 Models Would You Get?

Nov 18, 2019 2 min read

Both are low-mileage, ultra-clean examples.

Raleigh Classic Car Auctions has two classic BMW M6s crossing the auction block one right after the other on Saturday, December 7. The 1988 BMW M6 has only been with two owners and boasts a mere 13,898 miles. While that’s certainly impressive, keep in mind the 1987 BMW M6 also has only had two owners, plus there are just 10,054 miles on the odometer. The question is, which one would you want to put in your garage?

The current owner of the 1987 BMW M6 has had the car for the past 23 years. It wears the original black paint, which shines up spectacularly well. You’ll find all the factory exterior trimmings in place, including the badging and wheels.

In addition, the Lotus/white interior is free of stains and obvious signs of damage, indicating this car has lived a pampered life. Among the standard and optional equipment is power seats/windows/locks, cassette player, and air conditioning.

Which Of These Classic BMW M6 Models Would You Get?

For plenty of driving pleasure, this BMW uses a 3.5-liter inline-six engine and a five-speed manual transmission. A limited-slip differential helps keep the rear wheels pushing the car forward for quick acceleration.

Which Of These Classic BMW M6 Models Would You Get?

With major service for this car recently completed by a BMW specialist, this ride is ready to roll. It comes with the original owner’s manual, radio user’s manual, service books, keys, and bill of sale from 1996.

Which Of These Classic BMW M6 Models Would You Get?

While there are some similarities with the 1988 BMW M6, some key differences make this car interesting in its own rite. It has the factory black paint and Lotus/white interior in immaculate condition. That makes for an amazing presentation.

However, there are some differences in interior options. This car does have power windows, locks, and seats, but in addition it keeps you nice and comfortable in the winter with seat heaters.

Which Of These Classic BMW M6 Models Would You Get?

You get the same amount of fun with the 3.5-liter inline-six engine as well as the five-speed manual transmission. Just like the other M6, this one has a limited-slip differential, proving the car was made for drivers.

Obviously, you could register to bid and try to get both cars. Maybe you can afford both. They’re certainly fine examples of the classic BMW coupe which helped usher in a new era of German performance.

Even if you don’t want to bid on these two BMW M6s, there’s quite the range of cars slated to cross the block December 6 and 7, including some with no reserve. You can search for specific vehicles you’re interested in. If you have questions about the cars or the auction process, contact Raleigh Classic Car Auctions directly.

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