Check Out The Restoration Of This 1968 Porsche 912

Nov 18, 2019 2 min read
Check Out The Restoration Of This 1968 Porsche 912

A Porsche classic gets the royal treatment it deserves.

It’s always amazing when a family holds onto a car for decades. For example, this 1968 Porsche 912 being restored by Farland Classic Restoration has been a part of the same family for 40 years. That shows dedication and a true understanding that great cars don’t become too old to keep.

Check Out The Restoration Of This 1968 Porsche 912

With a fairly extensive restoration, this German classic is looking fantastic. A fresh coat of red paint looks tremendous, flaunting every curve on that iconic body. If the Porsche 912 looks to you like a 911, there’s good reason for that. Aside from the engine and some interior details, the two cars are almost identical in appearance. All the body panels on this vehicle are probably looking better than when this vehicle rolled out of the factory.

As part of the process, Farland Classic Restoration wanted the engine to look good and run smoothly. A heavy detailing plus reconditioning, along with the addition of some new components, helps to achieve that end. You might not know, but the Porsche 912 uses a pushrod four-cylinder engine patterned after the one in the Porsche 356SC. So you can see, some unique characteristics make this car well worthy of all this meticulous work.

Speaking of details, Farland Classic Restoration even put in considerable effort to make the front trunk look highly presentable. After cleaning the compartment, the company removed and refinished the fuel tank. This ensures when the car is at a show, no area will look deficient.

While the father and son from this family did a restoration on this Porsche about 20 years ago, this work will help ensure the car stays in excellent condition for the next generation. Actually, the son is working with Farland Classic Restoration on this project by recovering the seats himself. This shows how willing the company is to allow owner involvement in the process, which is a positive sign.

Specializing in vintage Porsches, Ferraris, Mercedes-Benzes, Maseratis, and other European exotics and willing to work on everything from American classics to muscle cars, Farland Classic Restoration is a special shop. Many of the vehicles which have rolled out of there are award-winning, thanks to the accurate and meticulous restoration work performed.

If you have a project you think might be a good fit for Farland Classic Restoration, you can reach out to the company to talk details.

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