TV-Perfect '69 "General Lee" Dodge Charger Replica

Jan 5, 2021 2 min read
TV-Perfect '69 "General Lee" Dodge Charger Replica

This is about as accurate as it gets when it comes to General Lee replicas.

When it comes to movie and TV cars, a few seem to stand above and beyond the rest of the pack. Bandit's Trans Am, Doc and Marty's time-traveling DeLorean, and the original Batmobile are instantly recognizable even by non-car people.

Image Via Garage Kept Motors

The General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger made famous by the Dukes of Hazzard TV show definitely belongs in that category. It's one of the most often-replicated cars of all time. Some do a better job than others when it comes to replicating the famous TV stunt car.

The car seen here is one of the better replicas we've seen, and no detail has been overlooked. The American Racing vector wheels, push bar, and CB antenna are all there, and naturally, the whole thing is painted in that signature shade of orange.

Image Via Garage Kept Motors

Unlike the cars actually used on the TV show, this wasn't just a quick and dirty conversion. The work performed was akin to a full restoration, except instead of aiming for showroom-fresh originality, they made it look like something Bo and Luke Duke would have built.

Under the hood, you'll find a 383 cubic inch V8 treated to a few small upgrades, like an aluminum radiator and a Flowmaster exhaust. There's plenty of power on tap for cruising, and although the prospect of a bridge jump is tempting, we hope the new owner doesn't give in to those desires.

Image Via Garage Kept Motors

Of course, a quality replica like this demands a pretty penny, and vintage Mopars aren't exactly cheap to begin with. Still, we doubt that you could build one this nice for the $79,900 asking price.

If you want your own General Lee, you can find this one right here on Motorious at Garage Kept Motors in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Just keep an eye out for Boss Hogg.

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