Last of the Air-Cooled 911s Selling on Bring A Trailer

Oct 12, 2022 2 min read
Last of the Air-Cooled 911s Selling  on Bring A Trailer

Automotive excellence in a nutshell.

The late 1990s were a crazy time for automotive enthusiasts everywhere. In America you had the introduction of the LS1, Japan was starting to crank out some truly iconic sports cars, and even Europe was getting in on the fun with some of their more luxury focused models. However there is one vehicle that stands out from that era for something you might not expect. That’s because the car didn’t necessarily become famous for one or two quick innovations but rather for being a generally awesome sports car platform that built its reputation over time and subsequently became one of Germany’s best automobiles. That’s right, it’s the Porsche 911.

This particular example is fantastic when you’re talking about the late 90s because it combines some truly iconic styling that’s been around since the beginning with wicked performance numbers. Visually, The 911 has stuck to a pretty strict design language since the 1960s. However, powering the vehicle with something drastically different than anyone even hoped to achieve around that time. That’s right, we’re talking about the 3.6-liter that made Porsche great in the first place.

With that displacement, this incredible 911 zooms around the track with a rear weight bias and plenty of power. Adding on top of that is the six speed manual transaxle which honestly makes this one of the best combinations for driving experience imaginable. Even today, it’s hard to make a case that modern performance cars can even keep up with the sort of fun that a vehicle like this can provide. That’s exactly why the 911 has become one of Germany’s most highly sought after sports cars and furthermore why you should consider buying this particular 1997 Porsche for your own garage.

Avant-Garde is well-known as an award-winning, top seller (@911r) on Bring a Trailer. We provide turnkey auction management for our clients. Avant-Garde presents cars in an unparalleled fashion, with a comprehensive history, descriptions, photos, and video for each vehicle. We want to put buyers in the virtual driver’s seat so they can experience a vehicle as if they were present, giving them confidence in their purchase.

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