Rare XK 140 Campaigned By Denise McCluggage Selling At Henderson's Collector Motor Series Auction

Oct 12, 2022 2 min read
Rare XK 140 Campaigned By Denise McCluggage Selling At Henderson's Collector Motor Series Auction

Performance, style, and comfort wrapped up in a vintage package.

The early years of jaguar could best be summed up in just a few words mostly pertaining to the brands Incredible feats on the racing track. Combining luxury with performance, the iconic European auto maker now has a bit of a reputation to uphold. You can pretty much think the entirety of the 1950s for that as fierce competition force the Brands hand into making some truly spectacular automobiles. This particular 1956 Jaguar XK 140 is a great example of that and you’ll see exactly why after reading a little bit further.

One of the wildest things about this car has got to be its incredible history which is filled to the brim with high speed racing. More than just having successfully conquered checks across the globe, it is the driver who makes The car really stand out compared to other classic jags. Denise McCluggage, a woman known for her high speed antics, once sat behind the wheel of this incredibly vivacious track car. With such a well respected figure having piloted this road-bound fighter jet, The vehicle itself must have been pretty crazy for its time.

All of this is backed up by photos and records that clearly show McCluggage with the car and in her signature polka dot helmet. In many pictures, that same helmet can be seen sitting in or on the vehicle with the number 23 painted on the sides and Hood. Truly, this is a car that was built to reflect a wild era of performance cars and racing history. This is something the car has managed to do extremely well over the years and now presents itself on the market for a new driver to take the wheel. If you truly appreciate the history and everything that went into making this car as beautiful as it is today, consider adding this 1956 Jaguar XK 140 MC DHC to your automotive collection.

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