La Ferrari Prototype Headlines Mecum's Monterey Sale

Jul 7, 2022 2 min read
La Ferrari Prototype Headlines Mecum's Monterey Sale

This modern performance supercar is the perfect vehicle for any Ferrari lover passionate about high speed.

When we see a sleek, low-slung, and high-powered supercar sporting the classic bright red paint we've seen everywhere, from track days to movies, most think of one brand, particularly Ferrari. Rosso Corsa, a phrase that literally translates to "Racing Red," has become synonymous with the prancing Italian pony. However, some doubt the brand's stability and relevance in the modern-day racing world. Most of the company's reputation came from the earlier days of innovation when Enzo Ferrari was still in control. So how is one of the world's biggest brands supposed to prove itself as an innovator rather than one that rides the coattails of its late and great creator?

This car is the perfect answer to that question as it combines design cues from some of Ferrari's most significant automobiles with what could be called the most iconic engine of its generation. Clearly, this would likely produce some ridiculous results on the track and the showroom floor, but no one could have predicted how good the car would really be. Partially this was due to the out-of-this-world styling, which slightly resembles models like the Enzo while still keeping its originality and signature qualities. There is a reason most of Ferrari's models are newer concepts, unlike some other manufacturers who deal primarily in nostalgia. Mainly, this is because of the company's dedication to its motto of constant and consistent innovation, which is clearly visible with the powertrain.

Sitting between the axles of this Italian supercar legend is a massive F140FE V-12 engine which would be enough for any automotive enthusiast to instantly fall in love on its own. However, this powerplant is certainly not alone as it is accompanied by a pre-production example of Ferrari's famous hybrid technology system. More than just a simple hybrid supercar or even racer, this car signaled to all Ferrari enthusiasts that the brand was built on much more than just reputation. Instead, it grudged against anyone who said they had hit their peak and were ready to bust through barriers as if they were no more than thin panes of glass. To anyone who said it couldn't be done, this car was a sign that it could, which is precisely why you should consider it for your automotive collection.

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