Even Mail Thieves Steal Cars These Days

Jul 7, 2022 2 min read
Even Mail Thieves Steal Cars These Days

Gotta stay ahead of inflation somehow…

Car theft is so hot these days the trend is spreading to criminals who usually just hold up mail carriers and steal your bills. We’re just as shocked and amused as you probably are to hear this, but we got this straight from The United States Attorney’s Office Northern District of Ohio which revealed four guys are facing a string of charges associated with mail theft and stealing high-end cars. Hopefully Netflix is already hard at work on the movie adaptation.

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According to court filings, the four defendants are accused of stealing as well as purchasing high-end vehicles from dealerships in Michigan. We don’t know why buying cars is a crime, but it’s what they’ve been accused of doing. Anyway, they would then sell the vehicles in northern Ohio. All this took place from December 2021 to February 2022.

Considering we’ve covered many bold middle-of-the-night heists at dealerships all over the place, this seems almost commonplace. That’s sad, really, but we wish dealerships and police would work together to stop this sort of thing.

While it’s great to hear some accused car thieves are off the street and possibly facing some very serious consequences, sadly the problem is far from solved. There’s no shortage of car thieves, so some other crew will pick up their slack.

These guys would also allegedly hold up mail carriers, steal their keys, then use that to get checks and other valuables from the collection boxes in the area. These guys were trying to build a criminal empire, with authorities estimating total losses for the victims of their heists to be $2.7 million.

It sounds like these guys were pretty hardcore. One of the charges includes “illegal possession of a machine gun.” Were they using said “machine gun” to hold up the mail carriers? Is this where our electric bill went? We have so many questions.

Source: The United States Attorney’s Office Northern District of Ohio

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