Elegant Mercedes Cabriolet from Top Seller is Available on Bring A Trailer

Jul 29, 2022 2 min read
Elegant Mercedes Cabriolet from Top Seller is Available on Bring A Trailer

This tremendous German luxury cruiser is a great car for any collector with a taste for comfort.

Mercedes has been known for their excellent design, high prestige, and classy exteriors for decades in the car community. However, unlike some brands, whose reputation is limited to their classic models, this German automaker has retained its incredible status since the beginning. This particular vehicle is a beautiful example of how Mercedes gained their high class and how they have kept it for all of these years. So the question is, what about this car makes it one of the most extraordinary examples of a classic collector car we've seen thus far?

First, it's impossible not to admire the gleaming exterior, which has kept its shape for over 59 years. Being the vehicle of choice for nearly every extravagant figure in the European world, this car had a lot to prove in the early 1960s. The paint color was a big focus for this vehicle as only a few colors truly fit the attitude of this great sports car. That's precisely why this incredible car is coated in silver paint, which makes every body line stand out in a crowd of even the world's most prestigious luxury cruisers. On top of that, the interior has also been maintained, as one could expect for a vintage '60s roadster.

Sitting in the white leather seat of this performance luxury car, you'll be extremely hard pressed to find any imperfections. This vehicle was built to be the pinnacle of German class and comfort design which is prevalent in every bit of this car. Finally, you have the great powerhouse under the hood. This 2.2-liter straight-six engine can push out more than enough horsepower and torque for everyday driving and spirited applications. Overall, this is an excellent combination of performance, luxury, and style, and you have some of Germany's best engineers to thank for that.

Avant-Garde is well-known as an award-winning, top seller (@911r) on Bring a Trailer. We provide turnkey auction management for our clients. Avant-Garde presents cars in an unparalleled fashion, with a comprehensive history, descriptions, photos, and video for each vehicle. We want to put buyers in the virtual driver’s seat so they can experience a vehicle as if they were present, giving them confidence in their purchase.

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