Apparently There Are Chevy SSR Barn Finds Now

Feb 14, 2023 2 min read
Apparently There Are Chevy SSR Barn Finds Now

The things we find on eBay…

There’s no doubt about it: the Chevy SSR was one of the weirdest vehicles made in modern times. While we can debate all day long about whether it’s a sports car, truck, or modern hotrod, what’s even weirder is seeing a barn find-condition SSR listed for sale on eBay. We truly live in bizarre times.

Learn more about the Chevy SSR here.

According to the listing, this 2005 Chevy SSR is a “time capsule.” Apparently now cars which rolled off the assembly line 18 years ago qualify for this so very overused term. Actually, we can say the term has been wholesale abused, just like the term “barn find.” But this thing looks like it’s sitting in a barn and has the magical dust all over it, so it probably does qualify for that.

Things get even weirder when the listing mentions this SSR has only been driven 950 miles with documentation to back that odometer reading up. Keep in mind the break-in period for these things is 500 miles, so this thing is pretty fresh out of that.

As you can see from the photos, this Chevy is dirty but the body looks about as perfect as can be. Same goes for the interior. So if you’re really into the SSR and want one that’s pretty much like they were straight off the dealer lot, this might be your best bet.

Of course, getting something with such low miles is going to cost you. The listing price is a steep $49,875. In case you don’t know, SSRs typically don’t fetch a hefty price on the market, but then again most have far more miles than this thing.

And before we could even publish this, the listing for this 2005 Chevy SSR ended. We’re assuming someone snatched it up, however there’s a nice Viper in some of the photos, so maybe that’s coming to eBay next?

Check out the listing for this SSR here.

Images via eBay

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