Check Out Vintage Planet

Mar 2, 2020 3 min read
Check Out Vintage Planet

High-quality classic European and American cars sold in a single location.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a classic car. That’s why it’s good to get to know the dealership you buy from. Vintage Planet has a unique mix of services and solid ownership behind it, which are two excellent reasons to consider this business when shopping for a high-quality vehicle.

Likely the first thing to attract anyone to a specific dealership is the selection of vintage vehicles. This certainly is an area where Vintage Planet shines. Instead of just carrying old Detroit steel or exclusively German classics, the owners of this dealership have broad tastes and an inventory to reflect that. Co-owner Marcus Heurich grew up in Germany but fantasized about driving American V8s, while his business partner Robert Hall grew up in Tennessee and dreamed of driving BMWs and Porsches on the Autobahn.

These co-owners bring the best of both continents together, as well as their expertise. Heurich was a master mechanic in Germany and is exceptionally selective about what cars are good, which is reflected in the inventory. In fact, Vintage Planet says quite a few regular customers overseas will buy cars sight unseen since they’ll get a quality vehicle each time.

You might still be looking for something specific and difficult to locate, but this dealer has a car finder service to help in that worthy quest.

The dealer is always on the hunt for high-quality consignments, so if you have a car you want to liquidate, contact them. They don’t just low-ball people looking to sell their vehicle, but instead consider what the car owner would like to get and come up with a plan to market it for that figure.

Also, this is a Superformance and Shelby Legendary Cars dealer. This means you can get classic looks in a new car, which for some is the ideal solution.

When it comes to servicing cars, this dealer has a 12,000 square-foot shop and full-time mechanics on staff. They’re able to work on a variety of vehicles, performing anything mechanical and restoration work.

Vintage Planet will even transport your purchase in an enclosed trailer. This additional service helps ensure your classic car stays looking excellent when it arrives at your home.

Ultimately, Vintage Planet is all about putting your needs first. Instead of a dealership which is constantly looking to take advantage of customers, this company is establishing long-term relationships founded on trust.

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