Ferrari F40 Burns In Monaco

Feb 28, 2020 1 min read
Ferrari F40 Burns In Monaco

This should make the value of the others increase even more.

Few cars are as lust-worthy as the Ferrari F40. Even among other Ferraris it’s special, considering it represents the final project Enzo oversaw and was essentially a road-going Formula One racer. Notoriously high-strung and exorbitantly expensive to maintain, they’re playthings for the one percent while the rest of us just get to watch and fantasize. But the unthinkable happened recently in Monaco when a Ferrari F40 running magnificent straight pipes suddenly burst into flames.

By the time the video above started, it was already too late. The entire engine and passenger compartments were engulfed in flames, so all that was still intact was the nose. At least the driver got out, but obviously in a hurry since the door is still open as the fire rages. Someone on their balcony uses a garden to douse the flames, but it looks to be doing absolutely nothing. At least they tried, right?

Reports about the incident tend to agree on a few points. The driver apparently had taken the Ferrari F40 for a normal spin around the city without experiencing anything abnormal. Then he parked it on the side of the road. Without warning, something in the engine made a popping sound and the car erupted into flames almost instantly.

In all likelihood this Ferrari is a total loss, which is a shame. Rebuilding such a unique vehicle is difficult if not impossible, thanks to the rarity and exotic materials, especially considering the extent of the damage. That’s too bad, especially considering it was a beautiful example of a supercar, as you can see in the old footage below of it running around Monaco.

While the most important thing is nobody was reportedly hurt or killed, here’s to hoping the owner was carrying extremely good insurance on it, because he’s going to be making a monstrous claim.

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