Final Ride: 1990 Toyota Crown Hearse

Jun 21, 2021 2 min read
Final Ride: 1990 Toyota Crown Hearse

This imported Japanese style hearse is available for purchase…

Decked out in traditional Buddhist style, this 1990 Toyota Crown hearse is quite the sight anywhere in the United States. While any Toyota Crown is a rarity on this side of the Pacific, one which has served as a Japanese style hearse is even more unique, promising to turn heads and spark up conversations wherever it’s taken. This particular car is for sale at the moment, and while admittedly it won’t interest everyone, the right shopper will realize this is a true gem.

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A quick lesson in Japanese hearses: traditionally, these Japanese style hearses were popular in the island nation. However, Western influences have made “Foreign style” hearses increasingly common, which look like the hearses used in the US, Europe, etc. These Japanese style hearses have the rear section of the roof, windows, and trunk cut off, with a wood structure installed to look like a small, mobile Buddhist temple. As you can see on this Toyota Crown, the lacquered wood has been carved with dragons, lotus blossoms, and phoenixes to portray Buddhist paradise.

Since this is a JDM vehicle, the steering wheel is on the right. You’ll note the interior looks pretty good, just like the exterior, with only a light refreshing necessary if you want to take this unique ride to shows. White cloth seat covers have ensured the upholstery is in excellent condition, and you can choose to either keep or ditch those.

The Toyota Crown has a long history, stretching all the way to 1955, beating out all other passenger cars from the brand for longevity. It was also the first passenger car to be developed and built entirely in Japan, making it a source of great national pride. Over the decades, the Crown has evolved significantly and this version reflects the values and technologies of a rapidly-changing Japan as it entered the 90s.

If you’re interested in purchasing this 1990 Toyota Crown hearse, check out the listing on Motorious here.

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