Hail A Unique Classic With This 1975 Checker Marathon

Sep 12, 2020 2 min read
Hail A Unique Classic With This 1975 Checker Marathon

It's a perfect candidate for a taxi-liveried restomod.

As proof that not all classics have to be high-powered muscle cars or European exotics, this 1975 Checker Marathon is the perfect option for car lovers looking for something a little different. While these sedans are synonymous with classic taxi cabs, this Checker is a true A12 Marathon, which means it was one of the models not intended for use as a taxi.

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Checker made this body style for almost 20 years (1963-82), and not many clean examples remain since so many lived the challenging rigors of taxi cabs. Amazingly, this one has survives with what is believed to be less than 48,000 original miles, and it shows an obvious repaint in bright yellow to resemble its taxi-used twins.

The body does show some aging, but overall this A12 Marathon is remarkably clean especially considering not many of these Checkers survived. Likewise, the interior shows very little wear for a 45-year-old car with tan carpeting and blue seats, and one impressive part about the Marathon's design is the copious amount of rear passenger space and a flat floor with no driveshaft hump. This car is powered by a 350 cubic-inch Chevy V8, and the 1975 model year marked the first year these cars were equipped with catalytic converters.

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

Whether you drive it as is, restore it back to new or turn it into a one-of-a-kind restomod, this 1975 Checker Marathon is sure to get looks – and maybe even a raised hand looking for a taxi – wherever it goes. Classic Auto Showplace has this cool classic listed for $7,950, but you can click HERE to make an offer.

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