Rock or Restore: Yellow 1966 Mustang

Dec 29, 2020 2 min read
Rock or Restore: Yellow 1966 Mustang

The sun's always out when you're behind the wheel of this bright yellow Mustang convertible.

Last week's Rock or Restore had us looking over a spooky '66 Chevy Impala wagon that spent much of its life at a funeral home. We decided to leave it more or less as is – it should wear its patina with pride.

We also decided to go with something a bit cheerier for this week's installment. After all, what's cheerier than a yellow Mustang? There's something special about a yellow Mustang. So special, in fact, that there's a worldwide registry of like-minded folks who own yellow Mustangs. Pretty cool, right?

Image Via Delray Beach Motos

This bright yellow 1966 Mustang convertible would be a great way to join the brotherhood. We found this one right here on Motorious, at a dealership called Delray Beach Motos in Delray Beach, Florida. How perfect is that?

This sun-drenched Mustang is all ready to soak up some rays, with one notable exception. The engine is missing. That puts it in league with last week's Rock or Restore selection. In fact, it seems to be a theme with this column.

Image Via Delray Beach Motos

We've spent enough time in the garage working on our own projects to recognize the classic signs of While-You're-In-There-itis. Swapping in a new engine will take some work, and, hey, why not clean up the body, overhaul the brakes, install a fresh interior...anyone who has worked on cars recognizes this.

This Mustang is clearly far from an original – the paint color makes that pretty obvious. According to the ad, this one was set up for a fuel injected 5.0 Windsor V8.

Image Via Delray Beach Motos

As far as the rest of the car, the hard work is apparently all done already. The body was treated to fresh floor and trunk pans before it was painted that beautiful shade of yellow. You'll find a coilover suspension and disc brakes up front, as well as a clean interior.

Simply put, this car needs very little to put right. We'd be more than happy to install a 347 stroker, tie up some loose ends, and hit the road.

Image Via Delray Beach Motos

Sure, this isn't a concours restoration candidate, but that means that we could have some fun with it. We'd add black Shelby stripes, some more era-appropriate wheels, and a rollbar. After all, it's already got the hood scoop!

Not every project car needs to be stripped to the bone (although this one already has been). Like a good recipe, some just need to be "seasoned to taste."

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