To celebrate the newest COPO Camaro, here are some awesome examples of Chevy COPOs for sale.

Chevrolet recently announced that the 2022 Chevy COPO Camaro was going to come with a massive 527 cubic inch engine, and we can dig it. The old adage of "no replacement for displacement" hasn’t aged perfectly with time, but the idea of a big engine stuffed into the engine bay of a mid-size muscle car will always make us smile. To celebrate the new COPO Camaro, here are some COPOs on Motorious, not just limited to Camaro.

Watch an old-school COPO Camaro race a Duster here.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO 427

This beautiful COPO Camaro has a lengthy history dating back 40 years. It was sold new at Queen City Chevrolet in Ohio and was later bought by Jay Nixon who restored the car in 1982.  This car was featured in Super Chevy 1984 along with being owned by multiple collectors like Reggie Jackson and Cecil Fielder.  It comes with the MacNeish Certification of Authenticity and will make every Camaro fan understand the true meaning of love.

2012 Chevrolet Camaro COPO

Chevrolet did the unthinkable in 2012 when it created a short run of the true quickest Camaros to ever to come from the factory.  So when you can get your hands on an ultra-rare instant-icon COPO Camaro that features a 750 hp 427 V8, then you know this is a truly special moment. This is one of only 69 cars that started it all.  The COPO Camaro program was never anything official from Chevrolet until this moment, and it was never anything as wild as this.  These were the rare few that were built specifically for NHRA competition.  Oh yes, they're too wild for production VINs or to be registered on the streets.

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle COPO Tribute

Only 323 1969 Chevelles were ordered through the COPO program. This COPO tribute has just finished an intense nut and bolt, rotisserie restoration. Over 3,500 hours were invested in making this car better than it was new.

2013 Chevrolet Camaro COPO

It happens every time: a manufacturer decides to build a car to go racing but most of them end up in the hands of collectors. Chevy joined the party with the COPO Camaro, a purpose-built car for NHRA Stock Eliminator for Super Stock classes. Stripped down and built for combat, they didn't even receive VINs and are not street-legal. Oh, and they only built 69 of the COPO's of which only 20 were CRC's (Certified Race Chassis) body in white, all sold through Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage. Yeah, that sounds like a recipe for a must-have instant collectable to me. This is COPO number CRC08, and it's still brand new, in the wrapper and has never been on the track.

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