1968 Chevy Corvette Is Powered By A Monster 427 V8

Sep 20, 2021 2 min read
1968 Chevy Corvette Is Powered By A Monster 427 V8

390 horsepower moves the tires of this vintage Vette.

The third generation of the Corvette, often referred to as the C3, is one of the most popular body styles made of the American sports car. In addition to having attractive lines, it also had a long run, starting in 1968, and handing the keys over to a new generation after 1982. During the run, there were a few Corvettes equipped with more appealing options, like ones equipped with the 427 engine, like this 1968 Chevy Corvette.

GM designed the Corvette C3 body after the Mako Shark II by Larry Shinoda. You can see some very obvious design resemblances, but things changed to make it into production. Making it closer to the ‘Shark’ design meant a major overhaul from the inside out.

The chassis was one thing that carried over, keeping the second generation fully independent suspension and four-wheel disc brake system. This particular example of the 1968 C3 Chevy Corvette heading to the Vicari Biloxi Sale to cross the auction block, is powered by the highly desirable 427 cubic inch V8 engine. The big engine makes 390 horsepower, to carry the lightweight C3 stature. This engine is backed by an automatic transmission, and has power steering, power brakes, power windows, and leather interior. Other attractive features are the tachometer and 4 bbl carb.

This car is being sold at the Vicari Biloxi Sale. If you have a car to consign here or would like to register to bid here, please visit vicari.com.

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