Search Uncovers Missing Woman’s Sunken Pontiac

Aug 16, 2021 2 min read
Search Uncovers Missing Woman’s Sunken Pontiac

And they found human remains inside…

We’ve seen many instances of teams locating cars submersed in water, either by accident or after searching diligently for them. Sometimes these sunken vehicles come with a huge mystery and other times they help put a long-unsolved mystery to rest. A car recently located in the Connecticut River in New Hampshire has helped solve one mystery but comes with many unanswered questions.

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After a conservation officer, Joe Canfield, took an interest in an old missing person case for Alberta Leeman, he started doing some legwork a few years ago. Leeman went missing without a trace back in 1978. She was probably on her way home but never made it.

Canfield leverage training sessions with remotely operated vehicles and sonar to search areas where Leeman’s car might have been dumped. Over and over he searched until recently he hit paydirt. Not too long after, crews pulled out of the murky waters a 1972 Pontiac Lemans with human remains inside. Those remains haven’t been identified yet, but it’s likely they belong to Leeman.

What’s hampering the investigation is the fact the Pontiac is upside down and partially buried in silt. Since it’s a possible crime scene, divers have been sifting through the silt slowly, processing anything they find. That means it will be some time before heavy equipment can pull the car out of the water.

Police are reassuring the public that they’re not in danger, emphasizing there’s nothing labeled as suspicious about Leeman’s disappearance. Of course, people will draw their own conclusions, but there are possible reasons for why someone would end up in a submerged car without any foul play involved. For now, whatever information investigators have is being held close to the vest for whatever reasons, so everyone will have to wait and see what finally is revealed.

Cases like this one are always bitter-sweet. On the one hand, there’s no doubt Alberta Leeman’s loved ones are relieved to know at least something about her disappearance. But on the same hand, there’s so much that’s still a mystery and that must be haunting.

Source: New Hampshire Union Leader

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