YouTuber Says Dealer Damaged C8 Corvette Wheels

May 15, 2023 2 min read
YouTuber Says Dealer Damaged C8 Corvette Wheels

What do you think of this?

Speed Phenom, a car YouTuber with 174,000 subscribers, says a Chevy dealer damaged the carbon-fiber wheels on his C8 Corvette Z06. The issue exposes a potential problem GM faces as it tries to push the Corvette more upmarket, converting what was once a fairly affordable American sports car into more of an exotic supercar.

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This guy says he was the first to take delivery of the C8 Z06 at the Corvette Museum and decided to take his car on a cross-country tour of the US. That makes sense since he’s a YouTuber and needed interesting content.

Upon returning to his home state of California, he took the vehicle to his local Chevy dealer for a tire change since he ran over a nail. He actually had to hit up several dealers before he found one willing to touch his Z06 because the liability was too high. But he said that service department ruined the carbon-fiber wheels.

Not everyone is going to feel sorry for this kid. That might be in part out of envy because he has a sports car that’s worth about $200,000. Another part might be they just don’t like his personality or his YouTube content. They can feel that way, but we think that’s a distraction from the core issue.

If GM wants to keep selling exotic flavors of the Corvette, and possibly some other models in the future, it needs to change how techs at franchised dealers are trained. They can’t treat these vehicles like an Equinox or Traverse or this sort of thing will keep happening and people will start turning their back on higher-end GM products.

GM needs to figure out what the solution to this challenge is, otherwise it will gain an unfortunate reputation. Or maybe it will just retain its long-held reputation, depending on who you are.

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