Woman Absolutely Destroys Camaro While Fleeing Police

Jan 17, 2022 2 min read
Woman Absolutely Destroys Camaro While Fleeing Police

What did the Camaro do to deserve such abuse?

According to a Facebook post made by Texarkana Texas Police Department, a woman who ran from cops absolutely destroyed the Chevy Camaro she was driving. Like we’re talking the muscle car is probably a salvage at this point and she didn’t even crash it… much. Stories like this makes us wonder if these criminals just really hate their car or are sadistic or just plain evil or something – we’re traumatized. To understand why, read on, but you might want some tissues handy.

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Everything went down on the night of January 11 when an officer spotted an orange Camaro with black stripes backed into a parking stall in front of the Magnuson Hotel. The officer remembered that Chelsea Davis was known to drive just such a car and that she had a felony forgery warrant, so he pulled his vehicle in front of the Chevy, trapping it in the spot.

After getting out he realized not only that Davis was in the driver’s seat but that the engine was running. Now, cops get nervous if you don’t shut off your car when they approach. Raising the tension further was the fact Davis locked the doors and refused to get out. That’s when the officer told her what she probably already knew: she would be going to jail that night.

We’re guessing Davis thought she knew something the officer didn’t, that she was going to get away. But that cop was thinking two steps ahead of her. When she asked to call her dad the officer agreed and walked off, going back to his car, getting out a spike strip, and positioning it in the parking lot by his vehicle. That’s pretty tricky.

Sure enough, Davis rammed the cop’s car with the Camaro, using its portly nature to push out of the blockade. But she also ran right over the spike strip, immediately pancaking three of her tires. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Taking surface streets, the fourth tire gave out and that’s when Davis got the empowering idea to get on Interstate 30, because that’s what you should do when driving on alloy wheels and quickly deteriorating rubber compound. Thinking she was Steve McQueen, maybe because she listens to Sheryl Crow too much (which would be at all), Davis pushed the poor Camaro to almost 100 mph. Now, a sane person would know they’re caught and driving like this is incredibly dangerous, but being a faithful Sheryl Crow fan she wasn’t about to let the system beat her. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Reaching the Nash exit, Davis was far from done but the Camaro wasn’t. As the Texarkana Texas Police Department said, it “just couldn’t go any further.” In other words, the Chevy wasn’t moving forward anymore. Nevertheless, she persisted.

When officers caught up to Davis, she was sitting in the Camaro on the side of the Interstate, her foot planted firmly on the accelerator as the wheels spun uselessly. After breaking the glass, pulling the woman out of the car as she tried fighting them, then finally arresting her, we bet the cops laughed and laughed because who does that? Talk about not knowing when to give up!

For all her effort and persisting, Davis performed the magic trick of converting a felony forgery warrant into that plus charges for evading arrest with a vehicle and resisting arrest. She should also be charged for wantonly desecrating a Camaro. Someone get us in touch with the Texas legislature, we have an idea for a new law.

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