UK Authorities Seize, Crush Modified BMW

Sep 16, 2021 2 min read
UK Authorities Seize, Crush Modified BMW

Commoners aren’t allowed to fabricate!

Police in Birmingham, UK recently stopped a BMW M3 wagon and seized the car upon realizing it wasn’t a factory build. You see, BMW never made a wagon version of the M3, something many enthusiasts have fantasized about owning, especially on the other side of the Atlantic where wagons are quite popular. These guys, whom a local report calls “criminals”, decided to make one on their own. To do such a thing takes a lot of determination, grit, and ingenuity, things which apparently aren’t celebrated by the heavy-handed authoritarians in the UK.

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Instead of marveling over the builders’ skills, the police not only seized the unique BMW M3 wagon, they had it crushed. We’ve seen this display of violent authoritarianism in the UK and other countries, where they like smashing cars to show how tough and in charge they are. It’s a pretty disgusting act.

But wait, West Midlands Police said the BMW M3 wagon was a “death-trap botched together.” They sure talk funny in the UK, but the claim is the car structurally was held together by tag welds, making it ready to crumple like a beer can in a collision. While further details about what made this vehicle so dangerous weren’t provided, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn it didn’t have airbags or a nanny cam installed. Won’t someone think of the children?

We’re not saying these guys were totally legit. According to the local report, the wagon was built using parts from an M3 stolen back in September of 2019 from a dealership, plus another M3 stolen in March of 2018. There were parts from two other cars mixed in there, but nothing is said about the other two vehicles having been stolen. Now, it’s possible these guys just bought some stolen parts and didn’t realize their origin – we don’t know. Someone tried removing VINs and serial numbers on the car, but police were able to read them anyway. But that wasn’t the only reason why the car was seized and crushed.

Photos: West Midlands Police

Source: BBC

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