Kenyan Government Crushes Illegal Luxury Vehicles

May 28, 2021 2 min read
Kenyan Government Crushes Illegal Luxury Vehicles

Why not sell them instead?

It’s become a fashionable thing for heavy-handed governments to crush vehicles they deem “illegal” or that they just don’t like for whatever reason. While it might seem like a great way to exert the extreme, destructive power officials hold in sway over the populace, we think it’s a wasteful, stupid practice. That’s why seeing the included video of a bulldozer crushing luxury vehicles in Kenya to make some sort of point just makes our blood boil as enthusiasts.

This sort of thing happens in the UK, not just Kenya. Learn more here.

According to a local report, this whole thing comes down to lost tax revenue. People in Kenya apparently don’t want to pay fees to the government, so they sell goods on the down low, including Range Rovers and Mercedes. This of course makes officials mad, so they confiscate the vehicles and other goods illegally traded.

image credit: YouTube

Here in the United States the government would then auction off the cars and use the money generated by their sale to hopefully recover the lost tax money, or maybe even some extra. Apparently, that’s not as impressive as just trashing valuable assets, something countries like Kenya obviously can afford to do. It’s kind of like using your dinner plates as clay pigeons instead of washing them because you’re mad at the wife.

In the video, you see the bulldozer run into and over several luxury cars, including Range Rovers, Defenders, and Mercedes. The local report claimed 149 vehicles were destroyed, like it was something to brag about.

image credit: YouTube

Kenyan authorities don’t just destroy contraband luxury cars. No, they do the same with food and other valuable goods they confiscate. What would it hurt to sell these items to the public, pocketing the proceeds while those who were trying to benefit off them illegally get nothing? That’s a question to ask the government.


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