TikTok Dodge Challenger Police Chase Was For Fun

Nov 5, 2021 2 min read
TikTok Dodge Challenger Police Chase Was For Fun

We’re thinking someone wanted to pick up more followers…

TikTok isn’t what we would call an intellectually-stimulating social media platform, if such a thing were to even exist, but instead seems to play to the lowest common denominator too often. Case in point: TikTok “star” Damaury Mikula purposely goaded Florida Highway Patrol troopers into chasing him in his Dodge Challenger, then proceeded to go 100 mph before getting arrested.

Another TikTok star died while running from police. Read about it here.

According to a report from Fox News, Mikula did a burnout next to a Florida Highway Patrol car while it was stopped at a red light at about 10:30 am on October 29. Troopers stated he then ran the red light and sped off. The guy was obviously looking for trouble, going out of his way to find it.

A YouTube video we’ve embedded with this article shows the incident, and we have to say Mikula needs to work on his burnouts because that one was weak sauce. If you’re going to goad the cops, which we don’t recommend, at least do it right.

Mikula reportedly has over 4 million followers on TikTok – we didn’t verify that since putting TikTok on our devices violates all of our principles. We’re thinking the guy pulled off this stunt to try to push that number to 5 million so he can retire early in Bermuda. The guy already claims to make $400,000-$500,000 through social media, although it’s not indicated if that’s monthly, annually, or a lifetime sort of thing.

We’d be curious if Mikula recorded his little escapade with Florida Highway Patrol so he could later edit and upload it to TikTok. From what we’ve seen that’s the kind of quality content your kids are watching on the app.

During the chase, Mikula actually ditched the cops. However, his license plate was clearly displayed on the Mopar, so even though he got away troopers showed up at his house. After being arrested and loaded into a car, Mikula proceeded to shoot his mouth off, admitting he knew the trooper was trying to pull him over but that he thought if he could outrun the cop he was in the clear. The Fox News report indicates he then bragged that he’s young and rich, plus he owns a fast car so that means he apparently can do whatever he wants. After that hot take, the guy continued to dig himself in further, saying he wanted to do something fun for a moment and it’s not going to cost him. Has he looked at maybe getting a wingsuit?

Source: Fox News

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